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View Selector

Before making any steps, you must first set up your view. This is configured in the bar at the top of the screen using the ‘view selector’. The view selector is consistent throughout Metrico and is used to set up your desired scope of analysis within all reports.












1. Setting up a view

2. Bespoke  List

3. Bespoke Planogram


1. Setting up a view

You can compose and define your view by selecting a combination of the following:

  1. Category(ies)

  2. Brand(s)

  3. Retailer(s)

  4. Date (range)


  • Easily select your chosen category and match with correlating brands

  • Gain direct visibility into competitor brands that operate in your category

  • Select and define view filters according to your Bespoke Planogram


2. Bespoke List

There are two defined ‘bespoke list’ features available. Use these to create views that you wish to come back to in the future.


1: Bespoke SKUs List (under the "Categories" dropdown): allows you to upload and save a preset-selection of specific SKUs.This can be used to define custom categories - where user can "cherry-pick" SKUs - rather than use the predefined categories.


How to Add a Barcode List


  1. Click on “Add Barcode list” button

  2. Paste to the open popup the list of all barcodes ensuring that these are separated by a semicolon - ;

  3. Press Save 

















2: Bespoke Brands List (under the "Brands" dropdown): allows you to save a preset-selection of brands.
This is useful when grouping together multiple sub-brands of a larger brand, or grouping multiple brands belonging to the same manufacturer.


When you have selected your view, press the green ‘go’ button. Without pressing this, no results will show.

Please note that if your search shows ‘no results’ you may need to widen the search. For example if you search for ‘Kelloggs’ with just the retailer ‘Tesco’ and Tesco is currently not selling Kellogg's items, then no results will show.


3. Bespoke Planogram

Bespoke Planograms can be created based on the individual taxonomy of your brand. To take advantage of this feature, please liaise directly with your Account Manager.


The bespoke planogram can be found in the 'categories section', it will enable you to

  • Control granularity across your customised categories/subcategories

  • Control Grouping

  • Control Names



















When used, the bespoke categories and subcategories are reflected aross all tool usages:

  • Within all tables, graphs and aggregations

  • In data exports ie Excel, CSV.


When not in use, the default planogram will remain available in the tool as an alternative classification method. 


3. Date Picker 


We have enhanced and improved selecting date frames for Reports on Metrico.


When moving from a single date to a custom range date, the report will maintain the custom range date that you selected. This allows you to easily switch from reports without having to amend your custom range date.