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Shelf Placement

The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Shelf Placement - The location of your SKU’s, how they are ranked from highest to lowest. Shows the SKU’s overall share of the top of shelf.

Shelf Placement and Retailer Placement Overview 

The new Shelf Placement report includes a placement overview table which helps to gain an understanding of your total share of shelf across retailers and shelves.


The overview percentage is the shelf placement score across all relevant shelves & all retailers combined. 

The Retailer Placement Overview percentage displays the shelf placement score for each retailer individually across all relevant shelves combined. Trends are included to show insight into previous month fluctuation. 

The new shelf overview allows you to view Shelf Placement ranking for your selection in a single retailer at a time. You can change your selection at any time and the table below will be refreshed.

How is the score calculated?

“Score” is calculated by two parameters:  overall number of products in first page and product location within first page.

By analysing “add to basket” data from our shopping panel, we grade products by their position. We do so by checking which positions are more popular than others.

After grading products by the position we check how many products the brand has in their portfolio. We calculate the actual score in relation to the maximum score.

The score is given per shelf and gives you a better understanding of your brand placement status.












"All retailers" option has been added to the drop-down list to enable the user to view all retailers in one table. When Selecting all retailers option the table will refresh itself and “Retailer” column will be added before “shelf name” column.




































































Scrolling down will show you a snapshot of all products on this shelf, with your selected product highlighted.





















Clicking the Shelf Placement Report will show where each of the selected SKU’s sits and is ranked on a retailers site. The store name is configured in the drop down selection.


If you have a large portfolio that will show many SKU’s, you can also type the product name in the search bar to bring it to the top.


Clicking on a product line will bring you to a summary screen for the Shelf Placement. Here you can see a summary of where the item sits compared against other top brands in the category.

Shelf Placement Export 

The new export contains two tabs- one for the first table ( Shelf Placement and retailer placement overview) and the last overview table. Excel reports will contain all retailers selected by the user regardless of the secondary retailer drop-down selection

The share of search is calculated according to the number of products from your brand and your category within the first page. The first page is classified differently per retailer, The current setup on Metrico crawls the below number of products within each retailer:


Tesco 20

Asda 60

Sainsbury 30

Ocado 20

Boots 12

Waitrose 24

Morrison 20

Superdrug 20

Iceland 40