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Search Placement

The KPI’s covered in this report are:


The Pie chart allows you to select one of the predefined Search Term from the drop-down list and understand the impact of that Search Term VS competitors within the first page of the retailer's website*.


Search Terms are directly powered by data input in the Brands filter:

  • Competitors are classified as all other brands within the category selected.

  • Others are all other brands not within the category. 


Please note: If more than 4 brands are selected in the view filter, these are aggregated and displayed as "Selected brands"

If there are more than 2 competitor brands these are aggregated and displayed as "Competitor brands

The Pie chart will never contain more than 6 brands at once.

If more than one retailer is selected, we give the average score out of all of the retailers. 











To view overall placement score by retailer click on "Explore"



Search Rank & Share Breakdown

The raw data table shows rank and share of search placement broken down by search term. Two new columns have been added to the table to include the "Score" and "Aggregated Score"

  • The score is calculated from two parameters: the overall number of products present in the first page and product location on first page.

  • The overall aggregated score is an aggregation of all retailers (when selecting more than 1)

  • Rank shows the best and worst placement of selected SKUs in search results.

  • Share is the percentage of selected SKUs in top search results out of all results.

  • “Not placed” means no SKUs under search term in top search results.

Score trends have been added reflecting previous months changes. 




Exports now include an "overall score" column (for all retailers selected) and "score" (when one retailer is selected)