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Scheduled Reports


Users can now easily schedule reports to download directly to their inbox from Metrico, without waiting. 


This feature is currently available on Price and Promotions and Availability reports. The recipient, frequency and scope of the report can easily be configured by the user. If you are downloading multiple exports, The excel report will contain multiple tabs for each table within a report.


Once you have scheduled an export you will receive an email enabling you to download the report.


Please note, Scheduled Reports is only available when selecting more than one retailer in the Availability report. 


Setting Up Scheduled Reports


Select the Brand, Category, and Retailers in the view filter at the top of the page. The date picker filter is not relevant for scheduled reports and will not influence the schedule report setup.





To create a new scheduled report, simply click “Create new schedule report” include the recipient(s) and the frequency and scope in which you would like to receive the reports. Multiple reports can be set up per page.


When scope is ticked on the report date range, it will be from the beginning of the current year to the selected date (“If a user selects once a week on Monday” he will receive a scheduled report to his inbox each Monday that includes data from the beginning of the year to the current Monday.













Selecting the ‘Year to date’ option will allow you to view your data from the beginning of the current year (e.g. 01.01.2018) to yesterday's date.


If the 'Year to Date' option is selected in addition to a Frequency, then both parameters will apply and you will get the report on your frequency basis for "Year to Date". For example, selecting once a week frequency AND 'Year to Date' will send your data on a weekly basis for data from the beginning of the year until yesterday’s date every week.


When the scope is ticked off the report date will be the pre-defined frequency.


To save your Scheduled Reports select "set"


How to edit and delete scheduled reports






Your saved reports will be available to view or amend within the settings section of your Metrico account. Simply click on the Settings drop down from within your account (under your name)











When hovering on a table row the “edit” and "delete" option becomes available. The user can edit the frequency, year to date and recipients and save his new preferences. 


Reports can also be deleted by hovering over the "delete" button and selecting "ok"



















Emailing Scheduled Reports



Once you have scheduled a report you will receive an email at the defined time. The email will let you know that the report is ready to be downloaded.


Each Metrico scheduled report will be sent separately, even if scheduled to the same day.

 (i.e P&P, Availability)


Multiple exports from the same report will be sent on one excel in different tabs.