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Retailer mode has been created to cater to the specific needs of the retailers themselves, these needs often differ from brand level data. Key functions of these reports are the ability to compare own brand items across competitor own branded items and the ability to drill down into specific store data.


Reports with ‘retailer mode’ include Price & Promotions, Ratings & Reviews, and Nutrition .

Please note that if you are viewing this report in ‘retailer mode’ the top menu view selector will change to reflect store based requirements instead of brand based ones. The change of menu is visible in the below screenshot.

What is retailer mode?

When viewing Metrico in Retailer Mode, you will notice products compared using 'match-type' terminology. 

1. Identical SKUs

The exact same SKU is available for comparison.


2. Own brands

An own-brand SKU that was matched to a competitor's equivalent own-brand SKU.


3. Similar SKUs

A SKU that was matched to a similar competitor Branded (i.e. non-own-brand) SKU.

  • This happens when (a) the exact same SKU is not available for comparison, and (b) a similar SKU was found in the competitor's portfolio.

  • Eligibility for "Similar" status is based on mySupermarket's matching algorithm (which analyzes a combination of multiple product-DNA characteristics).

  • If multiple similar SKUs are available in the competitor's portfolio, we compare to the one of highest-similarity available SKU.


4. No match

A SKU, for which no relevant match was found.

  • This happens when (a) the exact same SKU is not available; (b) no own-brand equivalent is available; and (c) no similar SKU was found in the competitor's portfolio.