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Ratings & Reviews

The report breaks down rating & review information by both Brand and Category, enabling the user to see which SKU’s are proving popular with real shoppers.


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Portfolio Size - Shows the number of items in the portfolio of the selected Brands/Categories

  • Average Rating & Review Numbers - shows the number of reviewed SKU’s in each portfolio and the average rating given. Trends are displayed in green or red and indicate changes over the past month.

  • Reviewed SKU’s - Displays a real number (or percentage) of SKU’s that have been reviewed.





























Please note that Tesco does not host ratings & reviews on their site, meaning that all Tesco fields in this report are intentionally blank.


When viewing by multiple categories, if you wish to drill the information down further, simply click on the category name that you are interested in. A version of the report refined to this selection will show. Sub category information will display here.




























Raw data can be exported at the bottom of the report in the SKU breakdown area.

This area also shows:

  • SKU Name, barcode & Image

  • Average rating across selected retailers

  • Number of reviews