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Ratings & Reviews

The Rating & Review report breaks down the viewers portfolio and details the overall rating, the number of reviewed products and how it compares to the other retailers and their matching products. 


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Matching breakdown across retailers - Compares the SKU portfolio of the selected retailer SKU’s against competitor products. Similar SKU’s appear where each retailer has an own brand product of similar equivalence.

  • Summary by retailer - shows the number of reviews SKU’s in each portfolio and the av rating given.

  • SKU Breakdown - Compares average ratings & number of reviews, broken down by SKU across all selected retailers.


This area shows  the average rating of the products selected, how many reviews a product has received and what percentage of SKU’s have received a review at all.

Please note that Tesco does not host ratings & reviews on their site, meaning that all Tesco fields in this report are intentionally blank.

































The SKU breakdown works in a similar method to the Nutrition report, you can filter by all SKU’s, similar matches or own brand items. This will enable you to compare things such as your own brand of frozen vegetables against a competitor's own brand of vegetables and see if their items rate higher/lower.


Clicking on the box icon near the retailers name will take you directly to the SKU Analysis of the item, here the client will be able to see any reviews written.