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The category function of the Promotions report is configured in the same way as described under the Pricing Report.


Using this report, you can easily see how your brand is promoted compared to other key players in the category.


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

Promotions type by brands - showcases the different promotions available on products within the selected view, visible by brand.  Price reduction features SKU’s where the promotion is on a monetary decrease, multibuys show BOGOF style promotions. The field ‘multi buy X for Y’ highlights offers where the promotion is nonlinear, such as ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy 2, save £1’.

Items on promotion - Highlights the percentage of the portfolio that is currently on promotion.

Average depth of discount - Enables the client to see the size of the discount per brand.

Biggest depth of discount - The product with the largest % discount is highlighted.

Promotions by SKU - Raw data containing links to the SKU Analysis, exportable as a CSV.










































In this view, the SKU Analysis will show a complete overview of all the information covered in the pricing and promotions report, broken down in an individual SKU level.