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Price Trends

This report enables you to track product & promotional prices across retailers and against key competitors. Compare your brand prices against key competitors and own brands. Competitors are currently limited to 1 per account.


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Price & Promotion by Retailer - high level overview of the selected portfolio, highlighting the % of products on promotion and the % discount applied.

  • Promotion by Brand - compare promotions against competitors, promotions are colour coded and grouped by  type. This report shows competing brands (including own-brands & manufacturer brands).

  • Promotional Calendar by Brand - there are three data tabs, 'Selected brands', 'Competing brands', 'Own brands'. The relevant SKUs appear when hovering. 

  • Prices by SKU - Data broken down by SKU, showing percentage price changes & depth of discount.

Whilst you may have multiple categories currently selected in your ‘view’, the Price Trend report reads data from one category at a time. These categories match the ones selected in your ‘view’.

If you wish for additional categories to appear here, you must first amend the categories that have been selected in the ‘view’.

Improved SKU Data

Competitors pricing data

Full pricing data now also

available for competitor SKUs. 

Promo Calendar

Promotions over-time

Participant SKUs shows on hover.

Promotion types categorisation 

  • colour-coded types

  • personalised lexicon

  • promotion details

Competitor promotions data

  • Competing FMCG brands

  • Competing own-Brands

Improvised Promotions Comparison

Promo types categorisation

  • Colour coding by type

  • Personalised Lexicon


Visual comparison to competitor

promotions by type

  • Competing FMCG brands data

  • (personalised per account)

  • Retailer own-brands data




Raw data is available at the end of the report for exporting in to Excel/CSV format.