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The Nutrition Report has been designed specifically to meet retailer needs and provides an overview of all the key metrics in the selected portfolio compared to the other retailers and their equivalent, matching products. The report enables you to analyse the nutritional value of your portfolio and enables you, as a retailer, to see how you compare against the nutritional composition of products in competing retailers.


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Matching Breakdown - Compares the nutritional composition of selected retailer SKU’s against competitor products. Similar SKU’s appear where each retailer has an own brand product of similar equivalence.

  • Nutrition Overview - Using the food traffic light system, this area shows a high level overview of SKU nutrition compared against competing retailers.

  • Nutrition by SKU - A detailed breakdown of nutritional composition across the selected portfolio in an easily exportable format.


The first section of the report, as indicated in the below screenshot, shows a summary of the selected portfolio broken down to indicate identical SKU’s vs percentages of own brands, similar SKU’s and non matching SKU’s. 




























The nutritional overview area shows a retailer how they rank within 4 core nutritional attributes. For example in the below screenshot it indicates that Waitrose has both the highest amount of products in this search, that they have the highest fat percentage compared to all other retailers.


































The nutrition by SKU area shows the retailer specific details about the SKU’s in their search criteria. It will indicate where there is a similar equivalent to one of their products to enable them to compare the nutritional value on a product by product basis. This area of the report will expose additional nutritional attributes such as protein content by scrolling to the right.Own brand products are marked in blue. Similar products are highlighted in green