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Using shopper favourite data directly from the retailers sites we can analyse where the client’s products feature within a shoppers favourites. This can then be used to understand the brands share of category


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Share of categories - How the selected products fare across the full category.

  • Trending SKU’s - SKU’s that have seen a recent increase in popularity in favourites.

  • Popularity - The entire portfolio, broken down by SKU popularity within favourites.

  • Brand Exclusivity - Percentage of shoppers that exclusively have the selected brand saved as a favourite by category. Also showcases percentage of shoppers that have a combination of brands or none of the selected brand in their favourites.  

  • Share of favourites by retailer - An summary of all of the above data in an easy to read table, enabling easy comparison between retailer.





















Top Trending SKUs

The trending feature will highlight products that have seen a significant change in popularity in shoppers favourites.


We have introduced additional information into the Top Trending SKU’s report, helping you to analyse the performance of your top selling SKU’s.  

Report Changes:

  • Category column has been added

  • Sub Category column has been added

  • Share column has been added showing the actual share in percentage of the SKU.


The amendments to this report show SKU’s that have been trending in shopper’s baskets in a specific subcategory, and their share in percentage.

The data is calculated by analyzing the percentage of a product that is within a subcategory list.


The favourites report looks at a single date




























The below chart highlights which percentage of shoppers Favourite’s contain the client’s brand, it also highlights where the brand is not added as a Favourite and can be used to assist with future marketing and promotional activity.






















As with most reports, data is available for export at the bottom of the report. Clicking on a sub category will break down the data further. The same report structure will then show the overall share of the selected subcategory in Favourites.


Our favourites tracking is based on mySupermarket users shopping on the retailer websites. 

Favourites Analysis will show, once our panel contains data for 100 retailer shoppers, having favourites in the relevant subcategory, within the 7 days leading to the analysed date.