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Price & Promotions *New*


This report enables you to track product & promotional prices across retailers and against key competitors. 


The KPI’s covered in this report are:


  • Portfolio size: number of SKUs in the category.


  • Average price: the average shelf price (i.e. of final SKU prices, including promotions).


  • % on promotion: percentage of SKUs that are on promotion.


  • The depth of discount: the average percentage of discount, among the active promotions.


  • SKU-level metrics

    • Base price: SKU shelf price without promotion.

    • Price after promotion: SKU shelf price, including promotion.

    • Time on promotion: the percentage of time (per the cell's time-frame), when the SKU was on promotion.

    • Promotion types categorization:  every offer description is directed to a promotion type category (i.e. the offer description 'was £2.98 now £2 ' is directed to 'Was now' promotion type). Promotion type can include within it single\multiple offer descriptions. Each promotion type is colour coded and can be personalized lexicon for each brand in back-office. 















  •  Promotion type name: ie: 'Was now'



  • Promotion type colour coding: ie: Orange



  • Offer descriptions: 'Save 50p Was £2.50 Now £2.00' , 'Save £1.20 Was £4.20 Now £3.00' , 'was £2.98 now £2' etc.


  • Competitors:

    • Competing brands: brands that are defined by the user as main competitors and are configured in the back end. For more information about setting up categories please contact your Account Manager.

    • Own brands: retailer own brand are shown in the report according to your selection in filters (note that all own brand sub-brands are grouped together (e.g. "Tesco" includes "Tesco", "Tesco Finest", "Tesco Value", etc.). 


  • Price & Promotion by Retailer - high-level overview of the selected portfolio, highlighting the % of products on promotion and the % discount applied.


  • Promotion by Brand - compare promotions against competitors, promotions are colour coded and grouped by type. This report shows competing brands (including own-brands & manufacturer brands).


  • Promotional Calendar by Brand - there are three data tabs, 'Selected brands', 'Competing brands', 'Own brands'. The relevant SKUs appear when hovering. 


  • Prices by SKU - Data broken down by SKU, showing percentage price changes & depth of discount.


Category Level data


The new Price & Promotion report is on a Category level.  You can select multiple categories within your view filter, and export all of these categories. The Price Trend report reads data from multiple categories at a time,  therefore you don't need to toggle to change the category. 








See competitors within your category by selecting the retailer. This only works if competitors have been configured in the back end, and relate to the brand that you have entered in the search. For example, click on the name of the retailer (Tesco) to open up the Price & Promotions in Tesco page.


















The table below shows Competitor Price & Promotions in Tesco, the top line of the chart will always show your own selection versus competing brands













The Average price trends by Brands and percentage on promotion by retailers are shows as bar charts.




























Promotions Type by Brand


In this report you can compare promotions against competitors, promotions are colour coded and grouped by type. This report shows competing brands (including own-brands & manufacturer brands).


This section shows my promotion vs. my competitor's promotions over selected period of time (i.e Nestle vs. Kellogg's, Weetabix and ASDA). If selected period of time is today\yesterday, this section will show promotions over the last 7 days.


Promotion types legend allows you to see offer descriptions that are grouped under each promo type. Clicking on each promo type opens a pop-up showing number of promotions and offer descriptions. Notice number of promotion does not mean number of offer descriptions, rather the number of overall promotions running in selected period of time.


Promotion types graph: numeric graph showing number of my promotions (on the right) vs. number of my competitor's promotions (on the left). Hovering on each bar graph opens tool-tip showing details of promotion types.


Promo types categorization

  • Colour coding by type

  • Personalised Lexicon




Visual comparison to competitor

promotions by type

  • Competing FMCG brands data

  • (personalised per account)

  • Retailer own-brands data




















Promotional Calendar


Promotional calendar shows your own and competitors promotional activity in the form of a calendar.


  • Promotion types legend: see 'Promotions types by brand'.


  • Data tabs (up to 3 data tabs according to relevant data):


  • Competing brands - all competing brands that have been pre- defined
    • Own brands - selected automatically by the system (matches the retailers selected in main view selector of course).


  • Selected brands - user brand\s. When one brand is selected in main view selector, name of brand will show (e.g Nestle). When more than one brand is selected, it will be grouped together under 'selected brands'.


  • Dates granularity: dates shown in calendar is automatically defined by the system according to the following rules:

    • 1-7 days - daily, last 7 days

    • 8-30 days - daily

    • 31 and up - weekly (include number of weeks)

​ ​


  1. Category and Sub Category columns have been added. 


   2: Year column has been added, showing current and previous years promotions. 


   3: Promotions can now be viewed in a single cell format. 


   4: The report can be sorted by each column, simply click on the columns to sort the report. 


The amendments to this report optimise how promotions are viewed both current and previous.






















Prices by SKU/ Retailer.


Prices by SKU table shows data broken down by SKU, showing percentage price changes & depth of discount.


  • Data tabs (up to 3 data tabs according to relevant data). (see 'Promotional calendar by brand')


  • by SKU \ by retailer toggle: allows the user to move from data presented broken down by SKU, to data presented in a higher level, summary of each selected of the retailer.


  • Dates granularity (see 'Promotional calendar by brand')



Report changes: 


  1. The report has been restructured to add the below information per SKU:





Sub Category





The above data will be shown by date, a column representing each data point. 


  1. Type information is split by row. 


   2:Row added: Promotion - this corresponds to the type of promotion for each SKU.


Promotion information display: When selecting a date frame of less than 14 days, the information will be shown daily. When selecting a date frame of 14 days or more the information will be presented weekly.

The amendments to this report show more in-depth tracking of product and promotional prices. 

Please note that this is standard throughout all reports. 























Prices Change by SKU





Trend arrows have been added to indicate any change in price vs last day/ week. Hovering on each highlighted cell presents tooltip containing promotion data (both for tool and export report)