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The availability report can be used by Brand Managers to understand which specific retailers and which specific branches of a retailer are experiencing stock availability issues with their products. Top level availability issues will be highlighted at the top of the screen.


It is important to note that this report analyses availability in a regional resolution. For example, the client can track availability in each of the retailer branches, they can then focus on specific branches that exhibit high out of stock issues and work to resolve them.


The KPI’s covered in this report are:

  • Portfolio Size - gain an understanding of which SKU’s are available to purchase with the parameters selected. If an SKU was available in the last 30 days, it will be displayed here.

  • In Stock - Shows the % of in stock SKU’s from the parameters selected.

  • Out of Stock - Shows the % of out of stock SKU’s from the parameters selected.

  • Void - SKU’s out of stock for the past 14 days are noted as ‘void’.


When viewing the Availability report, the first part of the screen shows a top level breakdown of the brand’s availability across the retailers that they have selected.




























The below graph shows availability by retailer. Hovering over a column indicates the specific availability breakdown in that retailer.




















Clicking on the retailer itself will then bring you to a further breakdown where you can drill down to see the specific stock data per branch. Branches with the highest out of stock levels are highlighted at the top.  


























As with most reports, the raw data is visible in an exportable format at the bottom of the report page. Clicking on the retailers in this view will bring you to the individual retailer view as shown in the screenshot above. In addition, data can be exported based on SKU availability.